Santa Cruz EMDR Psychotherapy

Lauren Jones, MA, MFT


You are in the right place. If you haven’t been able to integrate disturbing memories or experiences that are holding you back - I have openings for clients who want support and help with moving forward in their lives. I use traditional talk therapy, imagery, metaphor, Sensorimotor, Hypnosis and EMDR. Clients often report that after EMDR treatment that a formerly distressing topic is no longer of interest or concern.

Lauren Jones, MFT # 42552 - Santa Cruz Therapy and Counseling - EMDR Psychotherapy, Sensorimotor, and Hypnosis, Santa Cruz, CA 95060



  1. -EMDR

  2. -Hypnotherapy

  3. -Family Systems

  4. -Humanistic/Existential

- Ssensorimotor



-Sexual Abuse

-Relationship Issues


-Grief and Loss